The Future of Technology

What new inventions will technology bring by the year 2010? While it is difficult to predict the future, it is likely that computers will continue to become smaller, faster, and cheaper. Here are some additional predictions. Smaller and longer-lasting batteries and wireless access to the Internet will enable people to take computers (probably pocket­sized) wherever they go. Cell phones will also become smaller and more reliable and will be usable anywhere in the world. Cell phones will have paging capability, so today's pagers will become obsolete.Faster computers and cheaper DSL and cable will elimi­nate the The Future of Technology frustration of waiting for a Web page to appear. The Internet will become an es­sential tool for research, shopping, and communication. Finally, worldwide use of com­munication tools will help people around the globe better understand and interact with each other.


Getting the message

A.Discuss with a partner the various ways that computers are used in the business world. Then list three uses you consider very important.

1. _______________________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________________

B.List three ways in which computers can help students.

1. _______________________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________________

C.Explain the difference between a pager and a cell phone.

Building your vocabulary

A.These are the 15 key vocabulary words for The Future of Technology this chapter. They are boldfaced in the reading. Pronounce these words after your teacher and discuss their meaning.

auction e- mail pager

calamity graphic portable

connect the Internet prediction

disk nuisance program

enable obsolete transmit

B.Answer or complete these questions with some of the key vocabulary words.

1. What would you use to send your friend a letter via the Internet?


2. The word cyberspace is another name for what? ____________________

3. Where can you save what you have written on the computer? __________

4. When you create a picture on your computer, what are you creating?


5. What is another word for send often used when referring to The Future of Technology computer messages? ____________________________________________

6. A cell phone has no wires, so you can carry one around with you. What word

describes that characteristic of cell phones? __________________________

7. If you don't have a cell phone, what else could you carry that would allow people to communicate with you anytime, anywhere? ____________________

8. People can buy things on the Internet by bidding (offering a certain amount of money for an item). What do we call this way of offering merchandise for sale?


9. What would you call your cell phone if it rings while you're at a concert?


10. What do you think computers will be able to do The Future of Technology 10 years from now? What is

your ________________ about the future of high-tech communications?

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